Mediumship Development Weekend Workshop 

13/14 March 2024

We have an amazing weekend workshop for the development of mediumship here at the Barnham Spiritual Centre with Tutor Darren Hart.

This workshop is for all levels.

Developing mediumship can be a struggle at times, involving your areas of trust & confidence.

In this workshop we will be focusing on those ares of trust & confidence helping you to achieve the maximum potential for you and your mediumship.

We shall be covering the understanding of energies, from psychic to spiritual. Helping you to understand the diffrence and when & how to use them.

Meditation and sitting in the power are very enriching towards your mediumship, we shall be focusing on achieving these, and investigating the benifits of using them in your development.

Working with the aura, & the colours around the aura can have a positive impact on your psychic readings, developing a strength thats beneficial towards your connection to the spirit world.

Working in the direction of developing awareness from the spirit world, is key to building trust in your communication, with trust brings confidence, this is an area that we most struggle with, on this weekend we shall build foundations of trust, so you can deliever your messages with confidence.

Our private readings are just as important, with gaining quality evidence that can prove the existence of life. Strengh in evidence is what we look for in mediumship, and this weekend we shall help you to uncover your abilities, so you can achieve this.

Platform mediumship requires confidence and when we get a NO then we crumble, we shall be looking at your presentation, and the way you deliever your messages to making sure you can over come that moment you get a NO.

This weekend is for all levels of mediumship, if you are just at the begining of your development or a working medium then we shall accomodate your needs.

At the end of the completed you will recieve a certificate of completion.

Lunch is included with tea & coffee throughout the day.

Saturday 13th Sunday 14th March 2024 - 4.30pm

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This will be held at

Barnham Spiritual Centre

Barnham Community Hall

Murrells Field

Yapton Road


PO22 0AY


Email :

 Tel :  07749454281

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